Outdoor Dining Terrace for Amazing Vacation House

If you want to spend your holiday, Fernanda Marques has completed vacation house design for spending the spare time in holiday with an outdoor dining terrace. This modern house is situated in Rio de Janeiro. It stands on 10,225 square feet plot. Can you imagine how big the house is? This vacation house is the […]

Pendant Ceiling Lamps in Fantastic Concrete House for Cozy Living

Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects has completed the project of concrete house design namely Solo house which is installed with pendant ceiling lamps for the main lighting system. Solo house is modern house design with surrounded by natural environment around the house. This contemporary house is situated in Spain and has the lovely view of Matarranya […]

Wishbone Chair Design for Stunning Country Homes Design

The great interior designer, Monica Penaquiao can create one of the best country homes with wishbone chair design in Pamela Municipality. It is to be exactly is in Portugal, close to Lisbon. This swanky residence is identical with modernity. It can be seen from its interior design which is furnished by modern furniture. Talking about […]

Glass Façade Texture for Pretentious White House

Have you ever imagined having white house design which is built with glass façade texture before? Yea, white color can create elegant, luxury and modern impression to the entire house design both interior and exterior house design. There are so many inspiration come to famous architect that can inspire anyone who wants to have modern […]

Sectional Sofas Leather for Sophisticated Modern Room Design

Nowadays, people prefer to choose modern room design with sectional sofas leather for their house or apartment living. Yea, modern design is identical with luxury, elegant, and simple design. You do not need to take much time to decorate your house with much furniture and put many of them in your room. But having contemporary […]

Creative Lamp Shades to Liven Up Your Room Interior Design

Stal Collectief has creative lamp shades that then realized in modern lamp design named Eliz Lamp. Eliz lamp is the modern lamp which has awesome design. The lamp is quite big with its umbrella. The designer of this lamp created elegant impression to the lamp. The lamp which has height as tall as human height […]

Bedroom Furniture Sets for Marvelous Teenage Bedroom Interior

The most important bedroom furniture sets that must be found are the bed. The existence of the bed in the bedroom is crucial since it is the main element. Due to its importance, the choice of the bedroom must be careful. You have to consider some factors before point one that you like. There are […]

White Painted Wall for Contemporary Beach House

Talking about beach house design, the one in South Maui can be one inspirational beach house because of its white painted wall. This guest villa is named Hale Makena Maui. The interior space of this house is 3400 sq ft. It also adds 2000 sq ft for exterior property. Like what has been mentioned before, […]

Caravan Dwelling House: The Mobile Holiday Home Design

Do you know about the caravan dwelling house? Well, it is a very familiar mobile home designs that famous in Europe and America. There are some extraordinary mobile home designs that can be considered as a caravan, but more, and one those great mobile home design are with we call as a luxurious vacation house […]

Best Infinity Swimming Pool for Amazing Ethnic Villa Architecture

There are some amazing ethnic architecture that will able to amaze modern people with its ethnicity and best infinity swimming pool of those stunning architectural structures is this Villa Grey Cape. This is a Mexican retreat that located in a very beautiful spot of Shipwrecks Beach, Baja Peninsula. This superb ethnic villa design is created […]

Bed Linen Sets for Beautiful Comfort of Bedroom Interior

There are so many amazing bed linen sets that you can find in the market right now and one of them is this Comfy Bed Linen Collection by Tracie Ellis. Having nice linen will make you able to have higher quality of sleeping. Well, that statement is debatable, but the beauty of linen bed cover […]

Beach House Designs: The Point Lonsdale Beach House

The Point Lonsdale Beach House is a one of beach house designs project that develops by Baenziger Coles. This superb modern home design is located in a very beautiful area of Bellarine peninsula, Victoria. Instead of using standard rustic style like so many other beach home design, this astonishing modern beach home design is using […]

Apartment Floor Plans for Superb Penthouse Apartment Design

The SOHO Penthouse is a luxurious penthouse apartment that will give you both the luxury of living and modern apartment floor plans. This stunning residence design is located in of the most elite living area in New York City and that is where the prestige comes from. This superb residence design was envisioned by Nico […]

Modern Ranch Conversion with Luxurious Interior Style

Have you ever seen such a beautifully modern ranch conversion? Well, if you haven’t, the Swanwick Ranch is indeed the one that you need to see. This is a luxurious ranch design that developed by Marko Simsic Architect and this stunning ranch design is located in a beautiful area of British Columbia, Canada. This superb […]

Modern Office Space for Contemporary Google Office Russia

The development of modern office space brings us into something unexpected. There are so many amazing contemporary office designs that able to make people amaze with their beauty and one of those offices is the Google Office Russia. Unlike other special contemporary office design from Google that uses modern and playful design style, this outstanding […]