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updated Mar 30, 2010

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Latest Updates:
• Started a page for Ridotto Ballroom, Havelock (Mar30'10); with a letter from Rick Carroll who is writing a book about Ridotto
• Started a page for Duncan Ballroom, Duncan  (Feb26'10)
• Started a page for Colisuem Ballroom, Walcott  (Feb25'10)
• Added Historic Preservation Links  (Feb24'10)

While working on my web site I have learned of the existence of many ballrooms (present and past) in the State of Iowa. Along the way I have been jotting down notes and it has finally gotten to the point that it all needed to be organized. Most of this information is readily available on the web, but it is scattered about.

I am hoping that this web site might inspire you folks to help me gather information on these great old ballrooms before it is lost forever.

If you have any information on any ballrooms, listed here or not, and if you would like to share, please send me an e-mail
. Let me know if you want me to use your name as a contributor. I will give credit where it is due!

Some Classification of Ballrooms and Dance Halls

Webster simply defines ballroom as 'a large room used for dances.' (Some purists define ballroom as having a floating dance floor.) So obviously, going by Webster's definition, I have a lot of leeway on this project.

Maybe I should call this the 'Iowa Dance Hall Project' as I believe that, for example, the Opera House in Tripoli had as much impact on the surrounding community as the Val Air had in Des Moines.

So where am I going? Well, I am not sure. Right now I guess I want to look at this as a historical project. As time goes by, I hope to make this THE resource site for 'Iowa Ballrooms' of the 20th century.

Bottom line, this site will grow and change. We'll see where it goes.

Myron Kelleher - Cedar Falls, IA - e-mail

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